My skillset in a nutshell

I specialise in designing and developing clean, easy-to-use websites, eNewsletters, and online interfaces using best design and coding practices and a mobile-first approach.

My focus is always on good usability, time-honoured visual design principles, and thinking about the everyday people at the end of the line who'll be using (or maintaining) what I've built.

I code my design concepts with care in W3C standards-compliant HTML & CSS, and make them sparkle with jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3.

After that I wrap them up in the very client and SEO-friendly MODx Revolution CMS, test them on browsers and mobile devices, and release them into the wild.

Take a look at what some of my lovely clients have to say about working with me.


  • Website & online interface design
  • HTML / XHTML & CSS (hand-coded)
  • MODx Revolution CMS
  • Mobile / responsive stylesheets
  • Wireframes / Prototyping
  • Web Usability & Accessibility
  • eNewsletter design & development
  • Campaign Monitor


  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • WordPress
  • Usability testing
  • jQuery implementation
  • Social Media implementation
  • Git (version control)


  • Web analytics
  • Web content writing
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • eCommerce implementation
  • jQuery

software I use every day

  • Adobe Photoshop CS5
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 *
  • MODx Revolution CMS
  • Firefox & Firebug
  • Chrome, Safari, IE9, IETester
  • Git
  • cPanel

* I just use Dreamweaver like a glorified version of Notepad because it's intellitext, pretty code formatting, and live view help me work much faster. I still code all my HTML and CSS by hand, no wysiwyg shenanigans here thank you very much.

I'm a Web Designer and Front-end Web Developer with over 16 years industry experience.

In that time I've worked for a range of organisations including Queensland State Government, TAFE, Suncorp Metway, GBST, IGA, various Councils and a number of fun, fast-paced Design Studios.

I take a people-driven approach to my work which means I'm always thinking in terms of how user-friendly a website can be made for everyone involved; from my clients and their customers to the next web designer to take over the work.

I also test with real data to make sure what I've built won't break once it leaves my care.

My speciality is web design and front-end development (more about that in the box on the left there).

My sub-specialities include eNewsletter design and development, website usability and accessibility, HTML & paper prototyping, search engine optimisation (SEO), social media integration, and simple web content writing.

MODx Revolution is my open-source content management system of choice - powerful, scalable, secure, easy to use, and with the added advantage of paid commercial support.

I enjoy working with others, I'm very organised, can provide accurate estimates for how long things will take, and I take responsibility for my own deadlines and projects.

After many years of working in the middle between pure designers and hard-core developers I've developed a knack for translating complex technical info into plain English, e.g. from programmer-speak to designer / client-speak and back again :)

My complete resume, work history, and references are available on request.

Did you know?

Latest News

23rd April 2016
Added my new track 'Starhawk' to Unnofficial Music Releases.

5th March 2016
Added an official page for my Shadowrun Music.

5th March 2016
Added a new page for Unnofficial Music Releases.

29th February 2016
Uploaded a speed video of a new watercolor painting.